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What We Do


With having our own in house pattern shop, we can take projects from the idea stage right through to large-scale production

We have 2 techniques available to our development process, Traditional Pattern making and the more modern method of CAD/CNC Pattern Making

This allows us to cut lead times for patterns and also the development cost to our customers 


When the development process is complete we specialise in being able to offer the capacity for customers to produce their new products on a large-scale if required

The most common method of production chosen by our customers is the traditional hand lay up and done by our quality driven employees, however, we can offer closed moulding techniques if necessary


Our attitude of, "what the customer wants, the customer gets", means that our commitment to hit customer deadlines and quality requirements, is always at the forefront of our minds

Van and Floor Linings

As well as producing GRP parts from moulds, we can also quote for van linings to customer requirements or even bigger jobs such as trailer floors

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