Vehicle Mouldings

Take a look and see the list of Condenser products that we have available. if you need more information on sizes and prices, please contact the team through our online quotation page . Or alternatively give us a call on 01706 379358




  • 2014 Transit Medium Roof H2 Condenser pod HDM836

  • 2014 Transit High Roof H3 Condenser Pod HDM834

  • 2014 Transit Medium Roof H2 Rear Doors - Pair HDM502 

  • 2014 Transit High Roof Rear Doors H3 - Pair HDM837 

  • 2014 Transit H2 Medium roof Side door aperture HDM838 

  • 2014 Transit Custom Side door aperture HDM997 

  • 2014 Transit H1 Custom Rear door Pods HDM577

  • 2014 Transit H2 Custom Con pod HDM560

  • 2014 Transit Connect rear doors - pair HDM503 

Transit .JPG

Sprinter 2008 Onwards + New 2018+ Model 


  • High Roof Sprinter/VW Condenser Pod Small HDM816

  • High Roof Sprinter/VW Condenser Pod Medium HDM817

  • High Roof Sprinter/VW Condenser Pod Large HDM818

  • Jumbo Sprinter Con Pod HDM825

  • Sprinter High Roof Rear Doors - Pair HDM970 

  • Sprinter High roof Side door aperture HDM957 

  • Sprinter High roof Plug Side Door Aperture HDM835 

New sprinter on a vehicle .jpg

Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan


  • Renault/Movano/Nissan Medium roof H2 Condenser Pod Short HDM829

  • Renault/Movano/Nissan Medium Roof H2 Condenser Pod Long HDM830

  • Renault/Movano/Nissan High Roof H3 Condenser Pod HDM833

  • Renault/Movano/Nissan Medium roof Rear Doors H2 - Pair HDM992 

  • Renault/Movano/Nissan Medium roof H2 Side Door Aperture HDM831 

Renault #.JPG



  • VW/Man TGE Medium roof H2 Short Condenser pod - HDM517

  • VW/Man TGE Medium roof H2 Long condenser pod - HDM518

  • VW/Man TGE  Medium Roof H2 Pair of rear doors - Pair HDM515

  • VW/Man TGE H2 Side door Aperture - HDM516

VW MAN .jpg



  • 2014 Iveco Medium roof H2 Condenser Pod HDM839

  • 2014 Iveco High Roof H3 Condenser  Pod HDM840

  • 2014 Iveco medium roof H2 Rear Doors - Pair HDM998 

  • 2014 Iveco high roof H3 Rear Doors - Pair HDM506 

  • 2014 Iveco H2/H3 Side Door Plug HDM999 

iveco .JPG

Citroen Relay,Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato


  • Citroen/Peugeot/Fiat medium roof H2 Condenser pod Short HDM8237

  • Citroen/Peugeot/Fiat medium roof  H2 Condenser pod Long HDM8247

  • Citroen/Peugeot/Fiat High roof H3 Condenser pod HDM828

  • Citroen/Peugeot/Fiat (H2 Only) Rear Doors - Pair HDM977 

  • Citroen/Peugeot/Fiat (H2 Only) Side door - pair HDM827 

  • Citroen Despatch Pair of rear doors - Pair HDM507 


Maxus Deliver 9      

  • Maxus Deliver 9 H3 Condenser Pod HDM564

HDM564 H3 Con pod on a vehicle.jpg